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Judging Process

1. Generating entries

Hospitals from all over the region are encouraged to nominate themselves and enter their successful projects, programs, or best practices. There is no limit to the number of entries per hospital. Healthcare associations, medical service consultants and suppliers, and others in the industry are also invited to nominate hospitals in the Award categories.

2. Initial processing

The Awards secretariat processes the entries and supporting materials, and submits these for consideration to the judging panels.

3. Judging process

HMA partners and specially selected experts are formed into thirteen (13) judging sub-committees, one for every award category. A chairperson is appointed for each team. These judging teams review the submissions and make final recommendations to the conference advisory committee.

The Boards of Judges consists of representatives from hospital associations, selected speakers, members of the Advisory Board, and healthcare leaders in the region. The selections of the judging teams are then compiled by the secretariat and approved by the chairman of the awards.

The successful hospitals are those who in the OPINION of the judges’ best fit the category criteria. There is usually one winner and one to three excellence awardee. Note that if there are no exceptional projects submitted in a category, the Board of Judges is not committed to give an award.

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